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lim mong Village - the diverse colourful pictures of the hill life


By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

Travel to Yen Bai, or the particularly famous Mu Cang Chai destination which is a rural district of Yen Bai Province, located in the northeast of Vietnam, at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. Nowadays, Mu Cang Chai is one of the destinations attract travellers when they have a plan to travel to the north of Vietnam. In this article, I will illustrate one of the attractions in Mu Cang Chai which visitors can’t miss when you get there because it is the most stunning view village with the wonderful view of the terrace and peaceful of mountains, also the kindest local people here. Nature lovers will never forget the colourful and scenic images of Lim Mong. This hill-tribe village is best known for the magical terraced rice fields as well as the unique culture that a few places can compare. Arriving at this beautiful site, you can spread the eyes toward the Hmong’s houses nestled along the picturesque waterfalls and spacious rice fields. Lim Mong delivers the diverse colourful pictures of the hill life. Surely, photography and sightseeing are the two big pleasures there.

A stunning view in Lim Mong Village

Are you ready to explore this village with our experts to see the overview of Lim Mong Village? Firstly, I will tell you about how to get there, based on my experience, the zig zag scenic drive is a one main way scenic drive up to the Mu Cang Chai, specifically due to the road to Lim Mong which must cross the Thai Village near the Nam Co stream, in accordance with the customary settlement and living of the Thai people, near the source of water, so the road to get here is quite dirty with bumpy, the local residents are funny to call it is dancing road. The corners are both tight and steep enough to make your motorcycle seem to drift off the slope. This terrible slope nowadays has been concretized to reduce travel difficulties. However, if it is a rainy day, it still is a daunting challenge for drivers, even if the car had to go to number one, but still had a muddy turn, because of slippery turn. But during the way, the road will provide spectacular views of the Mu Cang Chai Villages, it’s the absolutely exciting road for travellers who want to drive to the dangerous road to find the unique pictures. Especially when you reach the top, standing in front of the wonderful nature picture, you will deeply fail in love the beauty and forget every tired. the colourful Lim Mong appears peacefully with the interesting shaped, age-old trees and the bewitching terraced rice fields. Admittedly, this place owns the most beautiful terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai seen from the top dimension. During the harvest time (from September 15 to October 20), this venue becomes shining with the big yellow carpets and the fragrant smell of the new grain of rice.

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View on the top of Lim Mong Village

If you stand at Khau Pa Hill, take the opportunities to contemplate the thread-like roads leading toward the sky and spotlighted with the layers of colourful rice fields. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you are getting lost in the green and yellow realm. Together with natural beauty, such fantastic masterpieces of the terraced rice fields are made by humankind efforts. The hill tribes have been working hard enough to nurture the beauty of the fields. The results of the yellow fields are the delicious sticky rice, which is a must to eat food in Lim Mong Village.

Lim Mong Village brings some unique impressions to the guests. It is not about luxury, but the destination of peace and warmth, in which you stay closest to Nature and experience the plain lifestyle of the hill tribes. Located right at the foot of Khau Pha Hill, the little lovely Lim Mong Village is the ideal shelter for everybody to steer clear of bustle and hustle. There you are free from stress and anxiety. The only things left are sightseeing the picturesque scenery and breathing the fresh air of the new grain. In the morning, the terraced rice fields in Lim Mong reflect the pictures of wealth, with spacious, lush, and abundant grains of rice. In the afternoon, the whole scenery becomes romantic and incredible, with the lines of white and pink clouds moving towards the skyline. In some moments, you can even watch flocks of birds flying over the lush rice fields, the winds playing with the yellow grains of rice, and the ethnic children riding water buffaloes and calling each other to return home. Also, it’s a warm scene to see the Hmong women carrying their babies on the backs. This is absolutely a haven with a peaceful and simple life, in which you don’t need to worry about how the world outside is going.

The house of H'mong in Lim Mong Village

If you are going to visit Mu Cang Chai, make sure you don’t miss the mesmerizing landscapes of Lim Mong Village – the little yet lovely, peaceful, and beautiful hideaway. Groups of photographers, nature lovers, and vacationers have been gathering there to capture the best Nature Photography, and this is your turn.

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